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A slow computer is annoying at best – you have to wait for it to boot, your browser is slow and takes ages to open, your programs hang, and so on. If your PC is acting like this, it’s time to give it a good cleanup with FileCleaner. Here is how.

The trick to a fast PC is using comprehensive speedup and maintenance techniques. That’s why it’s good to run all of FileCleaner’s tools one by one. Start with cleaning out all the junk files that get created by your browsers. All the necessary options are selected by default, but you can change that and select either more or less to clean up. Cleaning out your browsers will speed them up a great deal and free up lots of space.

FileCleaner analyze all

When that’s done, do the same for your applications and Windows. You’ll be amazed how much junk files FileCleaner will find and remove. It will free up disk space by deleting useless temporary files, cookies and browsing history. Deleting all these junk files will not only make your PC run faster, but also help you protect your privacy. Better still, you can configure FileCleaner to do automatic cleanup in real time. Just go to RealTime Cleaner in the menu and configure it. This way your computer will stay fast without you having to do a thing.

While you’re doing all the cleaning, it’s a good time to securely delete files you don’t need using the Shredder. This will protect your privacy and make sure your confidential deleted files can’t be recovered.

When your computer is junk-free, it’s time to optimize your Windows registry. The registry is the central database that Windows uses. When it becomes cluttered, your computer starts lagging a lot. Worse still, it starts getting all sorts of errors. FileCleaner’s Registry Cleaner will fix all these errors and put things right.

FileCleaner registry cleaner

And if your browser has several annoying toolbars that you can’t get rid of, head over to the Toolbars entry in the menu, select the toolbars you want to uninstall, and click on Remove. As simple as that!

Need help with FileCleaner or any other of our programs? Feel free to contact our Support Team and they will help you out!


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