speed up a slow computer with RegAce

Give your slow computer an overhaul with RegAce! You don’t have to tolerate PC errors and put up with Windows glitches.

RegAce is a fully-featured computer maintenance, repair and optimization suite. It will boost your computer performance in just a few simple clicks. RegAce will repair Windows errors, free up disk space, manage your software and operating system, speed up Internet connection, and more.

RegAce uses proven Windows optimization techniques that adjust hidden PC settings to match your hardware configuration and improve PC speed and performance.

With RegAce your computer will work better and faster in no time.

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  • If your computer is slow and full of errors, RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer is the tool you need. It will revive even the slowest systems in just a couple of minutes.

    RegAce has seven computer speedup, cleanup and optimization tools that will give your Windows system a complete makeover. RegAce will delete junk files and free up disk space, fix Windows errors and stability issues, repair and defragment the registry, let you easily manage hidden Windows settings, make your PC load faster and even speed up your Internet connection.

    RegAce is completely safe to use because it backs up your registry before changing any settings, so that you can easily roll back in case something goes wrong.

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  • Learn more about RegAce

    It’s not a secret that computers tend to slow down with time. Even the fastest and the most modern PC starts becoming sluggish after about six months of use. This happens because your computer accumulates junk files, operating system errors, and builds up unneeded startup entries. In addition to that, a lot of Windows settings are not optimized out of the box to meet your hardware requirements.

    RegAce will help you increase the speed of your slow computer in a fast, fool-proof and easy way. All you need to do is launch RegAce and the software will do the rest. It will clean up all sorts of junk, optimize your startup and Internet connection, repair Windows errors, and even tweak Windows services.

    To learn more about RegAce and all its features, visit its dedicated website where you can read about the program, access a comprehensive support area, and download RegAce user manual.

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  • Get an error-free computer

    You don’t have to be a professional computer technician to revive your slow computer, make it run faster, and fix Windows errors. All you need to do is install RegAce and run all of its tools. Use RegAce on a regular basis and your computer will stay fast and error-free.

    Who is RegAce for:

    RegAce is a software suite that should be used by all Windows users. It’s particularly useful for:

    • Home users: even if you are not very tech-savvy, RegAce will let you perform all PC maintenance tasks yourself.
    • Computer technicians: use RegAce to fix and improve the performance of your clients’ computers.
    • Computer enthusiasts: lift speed limitations by tweaking Windows in an easy and hassle-free way.


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  • Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

    We understand that using new programsĀ can sometimes be a bit hard, even if they are really intuitive. That’s why we recommend that you check out the following support informationĀ before you start optimizing computer performance with RegAce:

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