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FileCleaner uninstaller

FileCleaner 4.6 Introduces a New Powerful Uninstall Tool

FileCleaner 4.6 Introduces the New Powerful Uninstall Tool Today we’ve released a new version of FileCleaner that introduces a powerful new tool that makes it easy to uninstall any program from your computer. Quickly, effectively, and easily. FileCleaner 4.6 lets users uninstall any program, including those that try to prevent people from getting rid of […]

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boost pc speed

Boost Your PC Speed with FileCleaner

Boost Your PC Speed with FileCleaner A slow computer is annoying at best – you have to wait for it to boot, your browser is slow and takes ages to open, your programs hang, and so on. If your PC is acting like this, it’s time to give it a good cleanup with FileCleaner. Here […]

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