Duplicate Finder: a New Program from WebMinds to Find Duplicate Files

WebMinds, Inc. releases Duplicate Finder, a brand new program that can find, manage and remove duplicate files. The new program is designed for home users and offers quick, easy and comprehensive duplicate file management.

Duplicate Finder is the fastest and one of the most accurate software tools of its kind. It can free up hard drive space, assist with file management, and speed up computer performance. Duplicate Finder performs a quick scan of a computer, detects all true duplicates and offers the user to select the files that need to be deleted.

Most computer users are not aware of the fact that they have gigabytes of space taken up by useless duplicate files. These files usually include MP3s and videos that have been downloaded multiple times, duplicate holiday photos and even duplicate e-mails. Having too many duplicate files not only makes file management complicated but can also slow down the speed of an average home computer. Duplicate Finder deletes unnecessary duplicate files in only a couple of clicks, making disk space usage more efficient.

Duplicate Finder is an attractive software solution that will interest both home users and software download website owners and bloggers. With its attractive affiliate program and high conversions, Duplicate Finder lets software download sites and blogs profit while providing their users with high quality software.

Download Duplicate Finder now!