Does your Internet connection feel slow even though your ISP insists you’re getting the maximum speed? Incorrect hidden network settings that Windows applies by default may be responsible for this.

NetOptimizer offers a quick and easy way to fix and optimize hidden Internet connection settings automatically, so that you can finally enjoy fast browsing and speedy downloads, as promised by your Internet service provider. With this app, your connection will become faster, more stable, and less data-hungry.

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Optimize Hidden Network Settings Automatically

NetOptimizer makes it super-easy to optimize and configure hidden Windows Internet connection parameters in just one click. Simply scan your PC, apply the optimal values automatically. You will also be able to clean up browser junk, such as the cache and temporary files, in one go. If you’re an advanced user, you’ll be able to tweak each setting manually, too.

Download NetOptimizer

Download NetOptimizer for free and see how easy it is to optimize Internet connection settings and remove junk files. The free trial lets you see which settings need optimizing and which are already using optimal values. NetOptimizer supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Learn more about NetOptimizer

NetOptimizer has all the features you need to optimize your Internet connection so that it uses the best possible parameters for your hardware and network type. Visit the NetOptimizer website to learn more about the app’s features and functionality.

Optimize your connection settings for maximum speed!

NetOptimizer is a lightweight and easy to use app that lets you effortlessly fix and optimize Internet connection settings on any Windows-based computer. It comes with a free trial that lets you check which values need optimizing. Click on the button below to upgrade to the full version of the app to be able to apply the optimal parameters and perform deep browser cleanup.

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