5 Things You Should Know About Windows 11

Microsoft has already started pushing the new Windows 11 upgrade to eligible devices, starting October 5. Like everyone else, you must also be looking forward to it anxiously. That’s quite understandable as the new operating system will have a lot to offer besides a simplified design and user experience. As you wait for Microsoft to push their latest OS to your eligible Windows 10 device, let’s look into some amazing new capabilities that Windows 11 brings to the table.

Interface Gets a Fresh and Sleek New Look

The very first thing that you will interact with in Windows 11 is the interface, and you will notice it’s been revamped to give it a fresh and sleeker look. The rounded corners, refreshed icons, and new animations are all quite refreshing. It aims to make the user experience more simplified by partially improving the aesthetics and partially getting a redesign for a better user experience.

The Start Menu Gets a Revamp

The new Windows 11 has moved the start menu in the center along with the taskbar items and the search function. The purpose of this relocation seems to keep everything right in front of your eyes so that it’s easier to find and more accessible.

Besides, the start menu relies on Microsoft 365 and uses the power of the cloud to give you access to any recently used files regardless of the device or platform you may have been using earlier to view them.

Live-Updating Widgets and News Feed Come to Windows

With Windows 11, you get a complete new screen full of information. There is a widgets panel to allow you to access different apps offering live updates such as stocks, weather, and your calendar. To access widgets, you need to swipe in from the left corner making Windows PC feel more like a tablet or a phone. You are even allowed to pick widgets of your choosing, and Microsoft even plans to add more from various content creators in the future.

Android Apps Are Now Available In Windows App Store

Happening for the very first time, Windows 11 users will be able to get access to Android apps on their Windows PC. That’s certainly a big positive for those whose favorite apps either don’t have a web version or a clunky one if they do. From now on, you will be able to download android apps right from your Windows 11 app store.

Multitasking Is More In Focus

Microsoft brings ‘snap layouts’ to Windows 11 that allow for moving apps to different set parts of the screen and promote multitasking. Snap groups are also there to remember where an app collection was on the screen. This allows for popping them back into the same position.

In Windows 11, you’ll also be able to create and customize multiple desktops – like one for school, the other for work, and another one for gaming may be. Previously, you had this option on Mac only. There is a lot more to explore about the new Windows 11, and it surely is one exciting upgrade. Install it right away as soon as the update is available on your device and explore all the great new features on offer.