Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.6 Features a Revamped Interface and Offers Two Image Comparison Algorithms

WebMinds releases a totally redesigned Duplicate Photo Cleaner. The new version of the program features a brand new interface and boasts two image similarity comparison algorithms.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.6 has a clean modern interface designed to work seamlessly with the latest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft. The new interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to use the program to delete duplicate photos.

Another major improvement in Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.6 is an addition of a second image comparison algorithm. Now users can select one of the two algorithms or run them one by one for more accurate results. The new algorithm compares images using gray scale and disregards colors. This makes the program display more similar images in search results. The other algorithm is more precise and is designed for one-click deletion of duplicate photos.

In addition to that, users can now choose to view high resolution or low resolution duplicates only. This option is added for managing resized images.

Other improvements include more context menu options, improved Settings area, and increased stability and accuracy.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.6 can be downloaded for free from http://www.duplicatephotocleaner.com.