Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac Is Released

WebMinds releases a Mac version of its flagship product, Easy Duplicate Finder. The new program features advanced scanning algorithms, unmatched accuracy and an extremely intuitive user interface.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac includes all the advanced duplicate file detection and removal features present in the Windows version of the program. With the help of the new Mac duplicate finder, users will be able to find and delete duplicate files in a matter of minutes. Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac uses a scanning engine that combines different file comparison algorithms and intelligently detects true duplicates, be they images, documents, video or music files. The accuracy of the scan results is ensured by several search methods, including the byte-by-byte comparison method, which matches files by their exact content. Combined with file preview functionality, this duplicate removal technology makes Easy Duplicate Finder effective and safe to use.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac includes the following features:

– Quick duplicate files detection
– Preview mode for quicker search
– Powerful multivariate search capability
– Customizable interface and search options
– Automatic and Manual search modes
– Support for music files, media, text, .pdf, graphics, email files, fonts and more
– Multilingual support
– Mac-style GUI

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac was developed with the end user in mind. The program is very easy to use thanks to features like drag and drop, full screen support, flexible file sorting options and a clean interface. These features make Easy Duplicate Finder as intuitive as any of Mac’s native applications.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac works on all modern versions of Mac OS. There is also a Windows version of the program that supports Windows 7/Vista/XP 32-bit and 64-bit systems.