Easy Duplicate Finder Introduces Windows 8 Support and Advanced New Features

WebMinds releases a new version of its most popular software, Easy Duplicate Finder. The new version introduces multiple new features, the most notable being the option to Undo any action, Mac OS Mail support, full file preview, Windows Media synchronization support and Windows 8 support. These new features make sure that finding duplicates on both Windows and Mac computers is fast, efficient, easy and safe.

Windows 8 Support
Easy Duplicate Finder 4.2 is 100% ready for the release of Windows 8. The new version has been tested on the prerelease of the new operating system and full compatibility has been achieved.

Undo Feature
The new version of Easy Duplicate Finder has a new button that allows users to undo any action. This feature is especially valuable in case of accidental file deletion, as it can undelete even the files that were erased using the Recycle Bin bypass option.

Mac OS Mail Support
The Microsoft Outlook support feature has been an Easy Duplicate Finder favorite since its release a while ago. Now Mac users can enjoy the same functionality and find duplicate emails and contacts with the help of the program.

Full File Preview
Easy Duplicate Finder now supports full file preview. This feature allows users to determine whether a file is a true duplicate and whether they want to delete it or not. This feature is especially useful when comparing images, videos and audio files.

Windows Media Synchronization
In addition to the ability to synchronize iTunes music library after duplicate files cleanup, the program can now synchronize Windows Media library.

The new version of Easy Duplicate Finder has a number of other improvements. The scanning engine has been enhanced, which means that now the program can scan for duplicates a lot faster. The program’s memory usage has also been optimized for faster search. In addition to that, Easy Duplicate Finder now provides a graphical view of the scan results, groups files into categories based on file type, supports Clipboard and features numerous interface improvements.

Easy Duplicate Finder works on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.