Tweak All Windows Settings with Easy PC Optimizer

Today we have great news for Windows users who enjoy tweaking their computers either for best performance or for the fun of it. We’ve just released a new version of Easy PC Optimizer, a fast, reliable and easy to use Windows optimizer. This version introduces a new tool called Windows Tweaks. This tool will help users easily optimize hidden Windows settings and options to improve the performance and looks of their operating systems.

The new Windows Tweaks feature helps users to optimize all Windows settings and options, even the hidden ones. The tool provides easy access to Windows options and makes it possible to tweak these settings for maximum speed and performance. All tweaks are completely safe to apply, which means that even novice computer users can use Easy PC Optimizer without any risks.

Easy PC Optimizer’s Windows Tweaks tool is particularly useful to people who want to optimize every single setting and option on their computers. The program presents all Windows tweaks in an easy to read way and allows to apply optimal settings in just a couple of simple clicks.

Download Easy PC Optimizer and learn more about how it can speed up your PC.