Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.5 Features Improved Speed and Accuracy

WebMinds, Inc. releases a new version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner, a revolutionary duplicate finder for identical and similar photos. Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.5 features numerous improvements including faster scan and increased accuracy.

Due to increasing demand for faster scan of large drives, Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.5 features a new search algorithm that makes the scan faster by up to 35%. This means that scanning 28GB of data will take only 10 minutes. This is a useful feature for professional photographers and dSLR users who need to scan large RAW files.

In addition to faster scan speed, the search accuracy has been improved. The new Duplicate Photo Cleaner uses a re-implemented scan algorithm that ensures better accuracy when comparing similar images. This new algorithm guarantees that the software doesn’t find any false duplicates.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner features a better way to manage duplicates thanks to the new “Select Photos” and “Manage Selected” combo boxes. These boxes allow users to make a quicker selection of duplicate photos they want to delete or move to a different folder.

Other Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.5 improvements include a new Mac installer, improved functionality of the Settings window, and numerous user interface enhancements. More information can be found at http://www.duplicatephotocleaner.com.