Duplicate Photo Cleaner Now Supports RAW Images

WebMinds, Inc. releases a new version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner that introduces RAW image support, PSD support, useful pop-up tips, and other new features.

RAW image format support is an important feature for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts who have a dSLR or a camera that supports RAW files. Photos shot in RAW are of higher quality and provide endless editing possibilities. However, they usually are very large files, which means that duplicate RAW photos take up a lot of valuable disk space. The same applies to duplicate PSD files that can take up gigabytes of hard drive space. Currently the program supports the following RAW image formats: ‘raw’, ‘crw’, ‘cr2’, ‘nef’, ‘pef’, ‘raf’, ‘x3f’, ‘bay’, ‘orf’, ‘srf’, ‘mrw’, ‘dcr’, ‘sr2’.

Other improvements include faster search, an option to clear all folders from the scan list, and bug fixes.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a program designed for finding duplicate photos and other images. It features an innovative image comparison engine that can not only detect identical photo files, but also compare images based on their level of similarity. The level of similarity can be specified by the user. This allows home users, as well as professional and amateur photographers, to accurately compare their photos and manage their photo libraries in the most effective way.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner works on Windows and Mac computers. It supports all Windows and Mac versions, including Windows 8 and Mountain Lion 10.8. The program is free to try, the full version costs from $39.95, depending on the license.

Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner