Easy Duplicate Finder 5.19 Introduces Music Fingerprint Technology and a New Storage Cleanup Tool

We’ve just released a new powerful version of Easy Duplicate Finder. The new version of the app includes some amazing enhancements, so we recommend you to install the update as soon as possible.

Easy Duplicate Finder 5.19 includes:

  • Audio fingerprint comparison technology for the Music Scan mode
  • A new Windows Driver Storage cleanup tool
  • Improved “Remove empty folders” option
  • Updated translations

We’ve greatly improved the Music Scan and iTunes Scan modes by adding the ability to match audio files by their fingerprints. For this, Easy Duplicate Finder uses BASS technology and compares music files by their content. You can adjust the sensitivity of the scan to fit your needs.

Another important addition to Easy Duplicate Finder is a new tool that can free up space occupied by unnecessary driver packages on Windows PCs. You can find the Windows Driver Storage Tool under Settings – Tools.

In addition to that, we’ve improved the “Remove empty folders” option in Settings by displaying a list of detected empty folders, and updated translations.