Easy Duplicate Finder 7.11: Instantly Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows 11 and Mac OS Monterey

Today we have some very exciting news for Easy Duplicate Finder users who’re eager to clean out duplicate files on Windows 11 and Mac OS Monterey. We’ve just released a new version of EDF that offers support for these two latest operating systems. In addition to that, Easy Duplicate Finder 7.11 has a new setting that lets you compare files by their content quicker and easier, without affecting scan accuracy.

 Easy Duplicate Finder 7.11 offers:

New: Windows 11 support

New: Mac OS Monterey support

New: the “Ignore XMP data in compared files” option in the Settings. This option allows EDF to skip XMP data in files like PDF, RAW, TIFF and MOV/MPG. Because XMP data usually contains irrelevant info that’s not needed when you’re searching for duplicates, enabling this setting will speed up the scans.

– Important fixes and optimizations that make EDF work faster and better

With EDF 7.11, you’ll be able to scan your computer for duplicate files even quicker!