Easy File Shredder: Delete Files Beyond Recovery

WebMinds, Inc. releases Easy File Shredder, a new program that helps users protect their privacy.

Easy File Shredder is a file-shredding and disk-wiping program designed to help computer users securely delete files and thus protect their private information. The file shredder supports several advanced shredding algorithms that make deleted files truly unrecoverable.

When a file is deleted, it’s not really gone and can easily be recovered – all the user needs to do is either restore it from the Recycle Bin or use file recovery software. While this is handy when you need to restore files deleted by accident, it can be a privacy risk if unauthorised persons gain access to your computer and recover your confidential information. Easy File Shredder solves this problem. The program uses an algorithm that exceeds US DOD standards for data removal to shred files beyond repair. In addition to that, users can clean-wipe free hard drive space, so that all previously deleted files are wiped off the disk. Shredding free disk space is absolutely safe, as it leaves all existing files and programs intact.

Easy File Shredder is an advanced file shredding tool that can be used in a number of different ways. It supports multiple preset shredding methods, can be used to shred individual files, shred free disk space, and can even create a bootable CD or USB for a complete disk wipe. The program supports both internal and external drives, which means that it can be used to securely delete files stored on USB thumb drives, SD cards and external hard drives.

Easy File Shredder is very easy to use, so that even computer novices will have no trouble with it. The program has a very intuitive interface and lets users shred files in just a couple of clicks.

Easy File Shredder comes with a free trial and the full version costs $29.95 for one PC. Volume discounts are available. Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and 7 operating systems are supported.

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