“Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy” Released on Amazon by WebMinds

Computer security experts from WebMinds, Inc. release “Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy”, a book that describes every possible way of protecting Windows and Mac computers, both online and offline. The purpose of the book is to help Windows and Mac users protect their systems from multiple security and privacy threats.

In the world where cybercrime has become a major concern for individuals, businesses and even governments, computer and Web accounts security is of utmost importance. Having a secure computer, a protected network and browsing the Web safely is the best way to prevent crimes like identity theft, online fraud and malicious attacks. “Shields Up!” is the book that explains how to make personal computers immune to the dangers of the Web.

The experts from WebMinds made sure that every single computer security question that was ever asked by WebMinds’ users had been answered. The author of the book meticulously researched the subject, finding answers to the most current computer security problems.

One of the main goals of “Shields Up!” is to simplify Windows and Mac security for all computer users – novice, average and advanced. That’s why the book explains everything in an easy to understand language and offers real life examples. In addition to that, the book contains step-by-step instructions and every step is illustrated in color.

“There are dozens of computer security books, but most of them are written for professionals working in a corporate environment. They are too complicated for the average home user. Not to mention that a vast majority of computer security publications deal with Windows only and don’t give any Mac advice. We felt the need for a comprehensive, yet easy to follow Windows and Mac security guide. That’s how “Shields Up!” was born”, said Liz Cornwell, the author of the book.

“Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy” is available in various formats, including a paperback sold on Amazon.com for $39.95 and a PDF. The PDF version costs $9.95 and is also offered as a complimentary add-on with some of WebMinds’ products.

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