Easy PC Optimizer: The All-New Optimizer for Fast and Easy Windows Speedup

WebMinds releases a brand-new Windows speedup and optimization app – Easy PC Optimizer. With this software Windows users can make their computers faster in just a few simple clicks.

Easy PC Optimizer (http://www.easypcoptimizer.com) is an advanced Windows optimizer that combines ease of use, reliability and advanced PC optimization algorithms. The app consists of eight modules that offer a complete solution for common PC problems and issues.

PC Optimizer

The PC Optimizer module scans Windows for errors, conflicts and other problems. It then fixers the issues by deleting erroneous entries from the Registry and thus improves system stability and speed.

System Cleaner

This module scans the computer for junk files such as Temporary Internet Files, other files in browser cache, and system and application temporary files. With the System Cleaner, users can not only recover free disk space, but also speed up their computers.

Internet Optimizer

The Internet Optimizer provides an intelligent way to improver Internet connection speed by optimizing hidden Windows connection settings.

Service Manager

Windows runs lots of different services by default, but not all of them are needed on a home computer. Easy PC Optimizer’s Service Manager module offers users to select a computer usage profile and optimizer Windows performance by managing services.

Large Files

With Easy PC Optimizer you can easily identify the largest files on your disk drive. The files are sorted by size and type, which makes it easy to move the biggest files to an external drive and save disk space.


The Defragmenter defragments the Windows Registry during system startup. This helps to free up valuable RAM resources and improve Windows speed.

Manage Startup

Easy PC Optimizer’s Windows startup manager provides and easy way to manage the programs that start on Windows boot. Disabling unneeded startup entries helps to speed up computer startup.


Easy PC Optimizer automatically backs up the Windows Registry before applying any changes. Rolling back all changes is as easy as selecting a backup.

Windows Tweaks

This module is great for fine-tuning Windows to make it more responsive and personalized.

Easy PC Optimizer supports Windows XP – Windows 10.