FileCleaner 4.6 Introduces a New Powerful Uninstall Tool

Today we’ve released a new version of FileCleaner that introduces a powerful new tool that makes it easy to uninstall any program from your computer. Quickly, effectively, and easily.

FileCleaner 4.6 lets users uninstall any program, including those that try to prevent people from getting rid of them. If a program cooperates, FileCleaner simply runs its uninstaller and removes the program using the traditional method. But if a piece of software prevents the user from uninstalling it the traditional way, FileCleaner erases all the records related to the application in question from the computer. This allows users to manually uninstall unwanted programs in a hassle-free way.

In addition to the new Uninstall tool, FileCleaner 4.6 features an improved and redesigned tool to uninstall toolbars and browser add-ons. Now the add-ons management tool features a unified menu item, which makes it easier to use. Plus its algorithm has been improved to allow users to uninstall even the most difficult to remove toolbars.

We strongly recommend that you update your copy of FileCleaner now and take full advantage of the Uninstall tool.