Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.2 Offers New and Improved Mobile SmartScan & Enhanced Performance

mobile smart scan

The new version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7 is out and it offers a feature you’ve all been waiting for – Mobile SmartScan. We’ve also improved the Ignore List, added German, French and Turkish translations, and introduced numerous performance improvements.

New MobileSmart Scan

The new Mobile SmartScan lets you use DPC to find and remove “bad” photos from your phone, tablet, or any other device that supports the Media Device Transfer protocol. Simply connect your devices to your PC, open Duplicate Photo Cleaner, and let it do the job!

The best part is that DPC can scan several connected devices simultaneously and now supports moving photos as well as deleting them.

German, French and Turkish Translation

We’ve added German, French and Turkish translations to Duplicate Photo Cleaner. Now it’s available in 10 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Serbian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Performance Improvements

With this update, we’ve made Duplicate Photo Cleaner faster and better. We’ve also improved the Ignore List by adding support for OS environment variables (like %USERPROFILE% in Windows, or $HOME in Mac OS).

Get Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.2 and Remove Duplicate Photos you’re your Phone, PC, and Mac in an Instant!